Quality Assurance

We're proud of the quality of our products

We achieve this by always holding ourselves accountable for creating a safe, healthy, and convenient fresh food experience. We believe in the highest product quality standards that begin with the quality of our raw materials, process control, and impeccable distribution execution.

Eating healthy should be easy, and that's why the Country Fresh Company makes it that way.

Each Country Fresh Company facility has a Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point operation that exceeds the requirement of Standard Sanitization Operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our professional corporate and plant food safety professionals work with external certified food laboratories to validate and continually improve our food safety program at every step in the process including:

  • Comprehensive documentation of pre-requisite programs and HACCP system requirements
  • Product quality attribute measuring program
  • Corporate quality assurance department focused on food safety and quality
  • Ongoing research and development of new technologies and incorporation of scientific advancements
  • Each facility has a Quality Assurance team monitoring every detail of food processing
  • Ongoing constant monitoring of activities is performed on incoming raw material, processing, employee hygiene, plant sanitation and finished product evaluation
  • Retained samples are collected, by lots, from all production runs
  • Regular microbial testing of finished products is performed according to customer’s specifications

Fresh, healthy and delicious!

Added Safety

Third-party auditing companies conduct regular GMP audits. Our food safety and quality assurance programs consistently score at industry-leading levels. Not only is our fruit safe, but it also helps keep your operation safe (eliminate many of the risks associated with employees doing the prep work).

Fresh and Convenient

All products are made-to-order, so you always receive the freshest product in a wide variety of cuts and packages for merchandising ease, from parfait cups to portion-packs, and meal kits to fruit and vegetable trays.

  • High quality, ready-to-serve fresh food products are provided all-year round reducing your labor costs
  • Every product is delivered in easy-to-use, space-saving packaging

Meet the Country Fresh Company Brands

The Country Fresh Company provides full-service fresh solutions for retail, foodservice, club and convenience stores including merchandising and category support. We are the leading providers of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables and fresh snacking products.